Domestic violence is a learned behavior and can be unlearned

Domestic abuse is a pattern of physical and psychological abuse, threats, intimidation, isolation or economic coercion used by one person to exert power and control over another person. This could happen in the context of a dating, family or household relationship.

Galena Clinic works with perpetrators of violence to intervene in an abusive relationship to ensure the safety of the victim and their children. We believe that violence is a learned behavior and can be unlearned. We assist the batterer in recognizing and understanding their beliefs that justify the use of violence.

PAIP is a 26 session model, each session lasting 90 minutes.

In addition to this Partner Abuse Intervention Program, we provide the following:

  • Evaluations regarding potential for violence
  • Referrals to other programs such as anger management counseling, substance abuse treatment, or psychotherapy, if deemed appropriate.

Our Partner Abuse Intervention Program is certified by the State of Illinois. We do not provide treatment for victims at this clinic. We treat the cause.

If you are a victim of relationship abuse, call your local police department to find help near you.

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